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 About Us
Indonesia is an archipelago country and in equator line, means we live in the country with very humid ambient.

PT. Adhi Trikarya Mandiri is a company who specialist from beginning in HVAC.

Starting in 1996, we hold few products such as dehumidifier unit to condition the low RH for industries as Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, as well as to maintain the seed storage and also many applications in Electronic Industry.

Since year 2000, we develop our capability from supply unit only to the applicator as contractor for HVAC Specialist, especially to clean room requirement.

Now our teams are fully back up with their specialty & experience. Our goal is to achieve high customer specification standard; we maintain good relationship with all our customers become our inner circle business relation, which hand to hand to develop our future business growing.

We keep our quality and increase the performance, especially to the latest issue for green environment; we always follow the latest technology and development such as controlling with automation (BAS) and others.

Our Projects

  • Food Produce and Beverage
    • PT. Kaldu Sari Nabati
    • PT. Ultra Prima Arthaboga
    • PT. Tirta Investama
    • PT. Triteguh Manunggal Sejati
    • PT. Perfetti Van Melle
    • PT. Varia Inti Tirta
    • PT. Friesche Flag Indonesia
    • PT. Effem Indonesia
    • PT. Juta Rasa Abadi
    • PT. Sinar Sosro
    • PT. Aqua Golden Mississipi
    • PT. Nidia Prima Tirta 
    • PT. Indotirta Jaya Abadi
    • PT. Super Wahana Tehno
    • PT. Buana Tirta Abadi
    • PT. Sumber Sukses Sentosa
    • PT. Asaba Food
    • PT. Haldin Pacific Semesta
    • PT. Dytona Deli Krisp
    • PT. Unimax Power
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
    • PT. Kimia Farma
    • PT. Pradja Pharin
    • PT. Reckitt Benckiser Indonesia
    • PT. Bintang Toedjoe
    • PT. Guardian Pharmatama
    • PT. Sido Muncul
    • PT. Bernofarm Pharma
    • PT. Bayer Pharma
    • PT. Tropica Mas Pharmaceutical
    • PT. Mestika Farma
    • PT. Konimex Pharmaceutical
    • PT. Dankos Farma
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • PT. Kapsulindo Nusantara
    • PT. Quest International Indonesia
    • PT. Nova Chemie Utama
    • PT. Phapros
    • PT. Biotek Indonesia
    • PT. Soho Industri Pharmasi
    • PT. Mediafarma Laboratories
    • PT. Promedrahardjo Farmasi Industri
    • PT. Darya-Varia Laboratoria
  • Consumer Goods Industry
    • PT. Unilever Indonesia
    • PT. Essence Indonesia
    • Givaudan
    • PT. Honda Prospect Motor
    • PT. Indoceria Plastik
    • PT. Gramedia Printing Group
    • PT. Coats Rejo Indonesia
    • PT. Anta Tirta Kirana
    • PT. Clariant Indonesia
    • PT. Aspex Kumbong
    • PT. Supravisi Rama Optik
    • PT. Good Year Indonesia
    • PT. Priskilla Prima Makmur
    • PT. Sorini Towa Berlian 
    • PT. Trasindotama Sinar Perkasa
    • PT. CS2 Pola Sehat
    • PT. Bukit Muria Jaya
    • PT. Rodamas
    • PT. Indogravure
    • PT. Plasticon Trijaya
    • PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing
    • PT. Technofroze Indra Jaya
  • Clean Room and Storage
    • PT. Diamond Cold Storage
    • PT. East West Seed Indonesia
    • Apartemen Dharmawangsa
    • Deutsche Schule Jakarta
    • PT. Lapan
    • PT. Gemini Sinar Perkasa
    • PT. Nieve Aplikasi Mandiri
    • PT. Sriwijaya Air
    • Gereja Kristen Jakarta
    • PT. Sinergi Rodika Utama
    • PT. Pakons Hotelindo Sukses
    • RSUD Tarakan
    • PT. Bank UOB Indonesia
    • Monumen Nasional
    • Balai Penelitian Padi
    • Lab BPPT Ambon
    • PT. Issu Medika Veterindo
    • PT. Dainan 2 Indonesia
    • PT. Sritokai Indonesia
    • PT. Tunggal Maju Asri
    • PT. Arista Latindo
    • PT. Kirana Anindita
    • Hotel Holiday Inn - Bali

Design HVAC

  • Clean Room
  • Positive/Negative Pressure
  • Temperature & Humidity Control

Maintenance Repair

  • Repairing parts & Spare Part Replacement
  • Preventive Maintenance


  • Units & ducting



Maintenance Service

  • Services Contract Including Cleaning
  • Inspection, Testing, Measurement
  • Adjusment, and Assesment (For Monthly, Yearly period)

Spare Parts

  • Textile Duct, Inverter
  • Pump, Fan, Rotor
  • Thermostat, Humidistat

Contact Us

Keep In Touch

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Our Address

PT Adhi Trikarya Mandiri
Jl. Rukan Artha Gading Niaga Blok D No.17, RT.18 / RW.8, Kelapa Gading Barat.,Kecamatan Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14240
Email   :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Phone  :  +62 21 458434 10-12,            Fax       :   +62 21 4584 6578

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