DC Fan Coil Unit

To meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection worldwide, Bosch Thermotechnology launched DC fan coil units which have a remarkable energy saving of more than 30% when compared to traditional AC fan coil units. At the same time, the products are more comfortable and reliable.

Intelligent control

Standard intelligent temperature controller realizes the stepless speed change , DC fan coil unit are more energy-efficient, more comfortable, more quiet and more reliable compared to the traditional products

More energy saving

  • DC fan coil unit with its excellent energy-saving effect, greatly reduce energy consumption of air conditioning system.
  • DC fan coil unit can save more than 30% energy compared to traditional fan coil at the same speed conditions.
  • Energy-saving effect is better with low speed.

More comfortable

Stepless speed adjustment ensures a constant indoor temperature and comfortable air flow, achieves ┬▒ 0.5C indoor temperature accuracy and create a more comfortable environment.

Quiet and low noise

Create a more comfortable indoor environment by no electromagnetic noise´╝înoise lower to 28dB(A)

Install and disassemble easily

  • Ultra-Thin design with unit height of 220mm only, can be installed in a fairly narrow ceiling space.
  • Easily knock down ABS fan volute, lighter weight, easier for maintenance.


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