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BPB Series

BPB - Plug Fans - Backward wheels Centrifugal Fans (for ...

BNB Series

- Plenum Fans - Backward wheels Centrifugal Fans (for HVAC)

CAC Series

- Single Inlet Centrifugal Fans - Anti-corrosive ...


TM-2™, TM-4™ - Ceiling Filter Modules

The TM-2 and TM-4 ducted modules are lightweight, ...


When used with AAF’s wide range of energy-efficient ...


The FM2-LE is a self-contained fan/filter module for ...

ESD Model 22

All Welded Terminal Hood

Pureflo FPM

Fan-Powered Terminal Filter Modules

DC Fan Coil Unit

To meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental ...

AC Fan Coil Unit

Super-thin body Energy saving Low noise Reliable and ...

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

High efficiency and energy saving Green and environment ...

Model LPS

Building and Residential - Versatile - Silent - Reliable

model LPD

Building and Residential

PPS (Silica Gel) / PPX Rotor

For All Purpose. Material Composition : 82% Active ...

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