ESD Model 22

All Welded Terminal Hood

Product Overview

  • Low resistance design
  • All-welded construction
  • Filters replaceable from roomside
  • Gel seal design to prevent bypass leakage
  • Heavy-duty damper adjustable from roomside
  • Aerosol injection system accessible from roomside (optional)
  • Designed for installation in tee-bar or gypsum board ceilings
  • Excellent velocity uniformity

Ideal for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications

The AAF Flanders ESD Model 22 is an ideal terminal filter hood for pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms, or wherever hoods are regularly validated for performance and leak-free operation. They may be installed in a variety of ceiling types, including tee-bar ceilings, gel-seal grid systems, and plaster ceilings. Ideally suited for Class 100 “spot” applications, they may also be used to create Class 10,000 to Class 100,000 areas by locating the appropriate number of units in the ceiling. Units may also be installed for 100% ceiling coverage to achieve cleanliness levels to Class 10.

Gel Seal Design Ensures the Integrity of the Filter Seal

The ESD Model 22 hood features a gel-seal design that offers superior protection against bypass leakage. Invented by AAF Flanders to overcome the leakage problems associated with gasket filter seals, the gel-seal interface ensures a positive seal between the replaceable HEPA/ULPA filter and the hood. Its effectiveness has been proved in thousands of applications.

Convenient Roomside Access and Service

The ESD Model 22 hood design allows access to the filters from roomside, without disturbance to installed housing. Bottom-loading filters make roomside filter changeout quick and easy. Damper controls and test ports are also easily accessed from roomside by simply removing the protective grille.

Aerosol Injection System Offers the Industry’s Most Uniform Challenge for Testing Installed Filters

The ESD Model 22 hood aerosol injection system has become the industry standard for ease of use and reliability in conducting in-place filter testing. Working entirely from roomside, the test technician introduces a chal­lenge aerosol into the hood, then scan tests the filter. Because it creates a truly uniform test challenge, the AAF Flanders aerosol injection system provides the highest degree of confidence in the results of the scan test.


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