CAC Series

- Single Inlet Centrifugal Fans - Anti-corrosive Polypropylene Direct Drive
Centrifugal Fans (for HVAC)

Quick Facts

• Size from 140 to 355mm
• Capacities to 8300 m3/h
• Static pressure up to 1450 Pa
• Suitable for many applications where the extraction of a corrosive atmosphere.


For many special applications where the extraction of a corrosive atmosphere is required.


All models incorporate radical centrifugal impellers manufactured from tough polypropylene.

Models 160 to 315 are provided with a robust sheet metal mounting frame to support the motor and facilitate installation. Radial centrifugal impellers are manufactured from tough polypropylene.

Motors use are asynchronous induction motors with squirrel cage rotor in die cast aluminum.


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